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Neurobiology of Aging


 Our lab seeks to understand the mechanistic basis of how oligodendrocyte lineage cells age and functionally relate this to cognitive aging, loss of regenerative capacity and neurodegenerative diseases. We primarily use mouse models and employ molecular biology, dynamic metabolic labeling tools, RNA sequencing and behavioral tests.

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Selected Publications

A protocol for collection and infusion of cerebrospinal fluid in mice

Kaur A., Shuken S., Yang A. C. & Iram T. (2023) STAR Protocols. 4, 1, 102015.

SRF transcriptionally regulates the oligodendrocyte cytoskeleton during CNS myelination

Iram T., Garcia M. A., Amand J., Kaur A., Iyer M., Lam M., Ambiel N., Keller A., Wyss-Coray T., Kern F. & Zuchero J. B. (2022) BioRxiv.

Young CSF restores oligodendrogenesis and memory in aged mice via Fgf17

Iram T., Kern F., Kaur A., Myneni S., Morningstar A. R., Shin H., Garcia M. A., Yerra L., Palovics R., Yang A. C., Hahn O., Lu N., Shuken S. R., Haney M. S., Lehallier B., Iyer M., Luo J., Zetterberg H., Keller A., Zuchero J. B. & Wyss-Coray T. (2022) Nature. 605, 7910, p. 509-515
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