Our work has been supported by many agencies, foundations and individuals, to whom we are grateful for their kind support. 

The main sources currently supporting my group include the European Union via an ERC grant, the Israeli Science Foundation (ISF) through the GW Excellence center, the Binational US-Israeli Scince Foundation (BSF) via the transformative science program, the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology via the Israeli Space Agency (ISA), The German-Israeli Science Foundation (GIF) and the Weizmann Institute of Science, in particular via The Benoziyo Endowment Fund for the Advancement of Science, the Deloro Institute for Advanced Research in Space and Optics, The Veronika A. Rabl Physics Discretionary Fund, Minerva, and the Schwartz/Reisman Collaborative Science Program, the Yeda-Sela center, the Benoziyo center for Astrophysics and the Kimmel Center for Planetary Science.

ERC,European Research CouncilIsrael Science Foundation. הקרן הלאומית למדעBSF. USA-Israel, Binational Science FoundationISA, Israel Space Agency, סוכנות החלל הישראלית