Recent highlights

Some of our recent highlight results include:

  • Nature paper presenting the first application of "flash spectroscopy" to reveal a progenitor star blowing a Wolf-Rayet-like wind for the Type IIb Supernova SN 2013cu.
  • Postdoc Dr. Giorgos Leloudas led a paper proposing an explanation to the most luminous transient observed so far as a disruption of a star by a spinning black hole (Nature Astronomy paper). 
  • Staff Scientsit Dr. Ofer Yaron led a Nature Physics paper (see also news and views) using the earliest spectroscopic observations of a Type II supernova ("flash spectroscopy") to chart the confined distribution of CSM around the supernova progenitor, indicating pre-explosion instabilities months prior to the supernova event may be common. Some press reports from Science, The Guardian, USA today, and

If you are interested in supernovae and their classification: a chapter I wrote in the new "SN Handbook" about classification of SNe is now online (also available on arXiv).