The Cryogenic Storage Ring (Heidelberg)

The Cryogenic Storage RIng (CSR), designed, built and located at the Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics consists of an experimental vacuum system kept below 10 K by integrated pumping units working at 2 K. Two radiation shields at 40 and 80 K house the experimental vacuum chambers. An outer vacuum system acting as a cryostat provides an insulation vacuum of 10-6 mbar. The purely electrostatic storage ring with a circumference of 35 m consist of four 90o-bending corners and four field free straight sections used for beam diagnostics, an electron cooler (ECOOL), and a merged neutral beam setup.

The Cryogenic Storage Ring at the MPIK, Heidelberg

The Cryogenic Storage Ring (CSR)

The CSR allows for the storage of charged species (without any mass restriction) for long period of time (minutes to hours) and is a unique instrument dedicated to the study of cold molecular and cluster ions, as well as ffor the reactions between cold species relevant to the chemistry of interstellar clouds.