The biological numbers database - the number you need, with reference, in under a minute

 The biochemical thermodynamics calculator

 Depicting the protein composition of cells (see gallery and make your own)


Cell biology by the numbers (course, book)

Metabolic maps gallery

Sustainability science - the natural cost of consumption

Assessing and disseminating the true cost of consumption in terms of natural resources - ECOST; Conducting Life cycle analysis of products; and studying the ecological and water footprint of products and nations

Presentations & writeups

Key numbers in biology

Optimality in carbon metabolism presentation

Tips on giving talks

The imposter syndrome

How to find the right postdoc lab

Optimality in biology

A compilation of annotated examples - Optimality in biology collection.

Optimality models in biology nanocourse @ Harvard

Insightful classic papers which are hard to find in electronic format

Estimation of upper bounds for the rates of enzymatic reactions - M. Mavrovouniotis et. al, Chem. Eng. Comm., 93, 1, 1990

The Macroeconomics of Bacterial Growth - Koch, 1985

An analysis of bacterial growth - Ole Maaloe, 1969

Synchronyzation of cell division - Allan Campbell, Bacteriol Rev. 1957 (rigorous definition of balanced growth of bacteria)

Enzymes: chapter 5 - by Haldane, 1930

A Note on the Kinetics of Enzyme Action - Briggs & Haldane, 1925

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