The biological numbers database - the number you need, with reference, in under a minute


 The biochemical thermodynamics calculator


 Depicting the protein composition of cells (see gallery and make your own)


Cell biology by the numbers (course, book)

Metabolic maps gallery

Climate change cheat sheet

Agriculture and food production cheat sheet

Sustainability science - the natural cost of consumption

Assessing and disseminating the true cost of consumption in terms of natural resources - ECOST; Conducting Life cycle analysis of products; and studying the ecological and water footprint of products and nations

Presentations & writeups

Key numbers in biology

Optimality in carbon metabolism presentation

Tips on giving talks

The imposter syndrome

How to find the right postdoc lab

Optimality in biology

A compilation of annotated examples - Optimality in biology collection.

Optimality models in biology nanocourse @ Harvard

Insightful classic papers which are hard to find in electronic format

Estimation of upper bounds for the rates of enzymatic reactions - M. Mavrovouniotis et. al, Chem. Eng. Comm., 93, 1, 1990

The Macroeconomics of Bacterial Growth - Koch, 1985

An analysis of bacterial growth - Ole Maaloe, 1969

Synchronyzation of cell division - Allan Campbell, Bacteriol Rev. 1957 (rigorous definition of balanced growth of bacteria)

Enzymes: chapter 5 - by Haldane, 1930

A Note on the Kinetics of Enzyme Action - Briggs & Haldane, 1925

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