Group Members

Postdoctoral fellows

  1. Orni Meerbaum-Salant 2009-12.
  2. Michal Armoni, 2007-2009.

PhD students

  1. Fatima Kaloti-Hallak. The Effect of Robotics Activities on Students' Learning and Attitudes, 2015. Joint supervisor: Michal Armoni.
  2. Rivka Taub. The Effect of Computer Science on Physics Learning in a Computational Science Environment, 2014. Joint supervisor: Michal Armoni.
  3. Jan Lönnberg. Understanding and Debugging Concurrent Programs Through Visualisation, 2012. Joint supervisor: Lauri Malmi.
  4. Ronit Ben-Bassat Levy. Teaching Computer Science with Animation: Attitudes and Ways of Experiencing, 2009.
  5. Niko Myller. Collaborative Software Visualization for Learning: Theory and Applications, 2009. Joint supervisor: Erkki Sutinen.
  6. Noa Ragonis. Teaching Object-Oriented Programming to Novices, 2004.
  7. Cecile Yehezkel. A Visualization Environment for Computer Architecture, 2004. Joint supervisor: Tommy Dreyfus.
  8. Yifat Ben-David Kolikant. Understanding Concurrency: The Process and the Product, 2003.

MSc students

  1. Mor Friebroon Yesharim. What do elementary-school students learn in computer science classes with robotics?, 2018.
  2. Fatima Hallack. Learning Programming Concepts Using Scratch at the Middle School Level, 2010. Joint supervisor: Michal Armoni.
  3. Rivka Taub. CS Unplugged and Middle-School Students' Views, Attitudes, and Intentions Regarding CS, 2009. Joint supervisor: Michal Armoni.
  4. Gil Ebel. The Effect of Program Visualization on the Attention-Directing Characteristics of the Learner, 2006.
  5. Shmuel Schwartz. Using State Diagrams for Understanding Correctness in Concurrent Programming, 2006.
  6. Andres Moreno-Garcia. The Design and Implementation of Intermediate Codes for Software Visualization, 2005. Joint supervisor: Erkki Sutinen.
  7. Maxim Mozgovoy. Concurrent Program Verifier: A Tool for Teaching Concurrent Programming, 2004. Joint supervisor: Erkki Sutinen.
  8. Niko Myller. The Fundamental Design Issues of Jeliot 3, 2004. Joint supervisor: Erkki Sutinen.
  9. Yevgeniya Kulikova.Roles of Variables in Teaching Functional Programming, 2004. Joint supervisor: Jorma Sajaniemi.
  10. Tzippora Yesho. Teaching an Explicit Conceptual Model as a Means to Improve the Work with Computer Applications, 2002.
  11. Ronit Ben-Bassat Levy. The Use of Animation as a an Educational Tool, 2001.
  12. Kate Sedletzky. Formal Verification of Distributed Algorithms, 2000. Joint supervisor: Amir Pnueli.
  13. Yakov Persky. Re-engineering a Concurrency Simulator, 1999.
  14. Yoav Tsruya. A Distributed Programming Environment in Ada95/Java, 1998.
  15. Noa Ragonis. Introduction to Expert Systems: Development and Evaluation of a Computer Science Curriculum, 1997. Joint supervisors: Zehava Scherz, Ehud Shapira.
  16. Ophira Statman. A Prolog Proof Checker for Temporal Logic, 1986.