New book:

"Gender and Physics in the Academy: Theory, Policy and Practice in European Perspective". Bristol University Press

Edited by:

Meytal Eran Jona; Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Pauline Leonard; University of Southampton, U.K.

Yosef Nir; Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Marika Taylor; University of Southampton, U.K.


The under-representation of women in Science is an issue of real global concern, with Physics suffering from a particularly high gender imbalance. This edited collection draws on a distinguished team of leading Physicists and Sociologists from across Europe  to take a comparative, interdisciplinary approach to investigating the extent of women’s under-representation in Physics. Importantly, in a context where biological explanations are often posited to explain gender differences through factors such as lifestyle choices or aptitude (Stewart-Williams and Halsey 2018), the book draws on social theoretical perspectives to understand the reasons for low levels of women’s participation, both in terms of entering the field and sustaining a career over the lifecourse. It also explores policy solutions adopted across different European contexts and evaluates their success. Finally, it will invite the reader into the world of physics through personal life stories and visual images of women physicists in their own working environments.

 In a world still struggling with the COVID-19 global pandemic and its harsh implications on public health,  economy and society,  the critical role that scientists play in making the world a safer place has never been more evident. Scientists from all disciplinary backgrounds are now publicly relied upon to identify risks and respond accurately to overcome the global crisis. The current reality emphasizes the urgency to advance and strengthen science. Problems arise however, if the scientists themselves are not diverse. Many studies have long shown that more diverse science is better science, and that women's contributions to both working teams and in managerial positions are essential to achieve breadth of knowledge. Diversity informs a richer range of experiences and perspectives, better understanding of minority interests and more effective policy-making. We thus need to prioritize and support research that promotes the integration of women in areas still underrepresented for the benefit of both science and humanity.

Photography call for female physicists: “A Room of One’s Own”. A call for female physicists' photographs to be included in our new Bristol University Press. 

Conference: Diversity and Inclusivity in String Phenomenology . Tuesday 13th July


The Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Ministry of Universities, in collaboration with the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the support of the European Network on Gender Equality in Higher Education and other Spanish stakeholders, is pleased to invite you to the 11th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education that will be held online during September 15-17, 2021. Our aim is to promote a gender-sensitive culture in our academic and R&I systems in light of the global challenges ahead of us.

GENERA Network conference:
“Gender Dimension in Physics and Math-Intensive Research”

Excellence in science and technology can be stimulated by integrating sex and gender analysis into research. However, in wide areas of physics and other math-intensive research this is not the case, there is currently no accepted idea of how a diversity and gender perspective can be utilised. This conference is organized in the frame of the GENERA Network and shall define a starting point in tackling this major challenge and help defining a convincing approach to get into the mindset that a diversity and gender perspective must be present in these fields of science since teaching, defining research topics, performing research and its application are (wo)man-made.

October 21/22, 2021, at Lund University.

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022- GENERA Network

Webinar "Women in Physics - celebration day“