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The Department of Biological Regulation is comprised of approximately 160 people organized in 13 research groups. We are located in the Candiotty building, which is equipped with all the facilities required for running an excellent research. Our research is concentrated on the regulation of processes responsible for the concerted action of cells, tissues, and organs. A diversity of methodologies and experimental approaches are used in order to tackle these issues. These include biochemical, molecular, and physiological methods, organ and tissue cultures, whole animal studies in mice, flies, zebra fish, and chick embryos.
In addition, some of us are using systems biology, and a variety of imaging methods including biological magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as well. Since de-regulation of such processes is a cause for many human diseases (cancer, heart failure, stroke, and abnormal growth, infertility, lack of regeneration after injury, etc.), we make an effort to use our results for the development of tools for early diagnosis and for the design of new drugs for pharmacological intervention.

Departmental retreat to the Golan, 14.4.2015. Photograph by Eldar Zehorai