Studying Nature in a Sustainable Way

At Weizmann we strive to use natural resources efficiently. Here you will find our vision and practical information on how to make our campus more sustainable. This includes day by day activities, long term policy, and exciting new initiatives. Please take part and share your ideas for improvements.

News & Updates

  • Plastic recycling centers next to Charlie and Lopatie
  • Several waterless toilets installed
  • Recycling laboratory plastic ware


Weizmann uses about 70GWh per year at a cost of ~10M$. ~60% of electricity goes to air conditioning. Learn how to save energy in the lab


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle can make a difference. Learn what to do with cardboard, paper, cans & plastic, fluorescent light bulbs, metals and old equipment, toners, lab glass, batteries and more.


Since 2008 water for gardening has been reduced by 30%. Currently, Weizmann uses ~800,000 m3/year from local wells. Learn what is being done to take care of the aquifer and what you can do to help


We are aiming to make a beautiful campus even better for the environment. A pilot program of tree signs has been started and we are planning a pilot for nesting birds. Read more…