What Can I Do?

Reduce – Think before you print, take another plastic cup or buy another electronic instrument.
Reuse – Use printed paper as draft paper, print double sided, reuse cardboard boxes, use melted lab ice to water plants.
Recycle – at the lab, office and at home. Here is how to do it.


At the lab and office:

Paperless office Even better than recycling. See tips and links on how to get there. If you find excessive paper use let us know about it or just tell the person excessively using paper at the machon or outside.

Paper Paper recycling bins are scattered throughout the campus. The paper recycling bins in the scientific part of the campus will only take paper such as printer paper – no newspaper, no laminated paper and definitely no cardboard. We are planning to add personal paper bins to help labs and offices collect paper for recycling but why wait - get a small bin and make it your laboratory recycling bin.

Remove foam and plastics, fold and collect in your corridor. The cleaners should take the folded cardboards to a designated collection site in the building from where the moving department will take them to the warehouse or to specific containers. The warehouse will reuse good boxes, and compact other boxes for recycling by the company KMM. Some of the cardboards (from the restaurants, for example) are recycled by Amnir. See our poster on this topic.

Electronic and large metal waste
Order a pickup through your minhalan.The institute's old computers are donated to "Computer for every child" non-profit organization. The organization repairs and upgrades the computers with the help of youth at risk, mentored by technical guides at several institutes around Israel. The upgraded computers are donated by the teenagers to kids from families that are unable to purchase a new computer. The unused electronic waste is recycled by "Ecommunity" company, by people with special needs.

Bottles and cans
Recycling bins are scattered throughout the campus, mostly for small bottles and cans. Bottles with deposit are sold and others are collected by aviv plastics (avivplastic.co.il). We thank you for not adding plastic boxes, or non  aluminum cans.

Fluorescent bulbs
Crushed and taken care of by an external expert – please collect and deposit in a designated place (ask your minhalan).

Recycling containers are scattered throughout the campus, if you can’t find one or are interested in a new container being added, please contact the safety department.

Plastic - Recycling laboratory plastic-ware
Laboratory plastic ware that is free of contamination can be for recycled on campus. Tips boxes and bottles that contained medium or buffer and have been washed, should be disposed off in the big containers ("kluvim") that are spread on campus for 1.5 liter plastic bottles (of "Ela" recycling corporative). There are containers for example next to Charlie's and also in the parking lot between Wolfson and Candiotty buildings. Most plastic types can be recycled there. To make sure on your type see this chart.

At home (on campus):

Paper - all info in this sticker (PDF)
Paper is recycled by Amnir. All papers including newspapers and paper boxes (cereal etc) are allowed. No cardboard, no laminated paper, no garbage and of course no nylon bags.

Bottles and cans - check out sticker (PDF)
Bottles and cans are separated – those with deposit are sold, others are recycled by aviv plastics (avivplastic.co.il). All plastic bottles from recycling material #1, #2 or #4 (see the bottom of the bottle) can be recycled, including bottles of fabric softeners, ketchup, cooking oil – please rinse bottles – not necessary to separate caps. All deposit bearing bottles and cans are recycled, including glass, plastic and cans. However, no other glass or non-bottle plastics should be recycled. Of course do not throw nylon bags.

Gardening waste
Large open bins (mecholot) are scattered around the campus. Please do not put regular garbage in these bins.