What Can I Do?

Try to use public transport.

Students active in "Green Course" cell on campus have been working on a 'Green Transportation' campaign in Rehovot since 2008. Among its accomplishments, the campaign succeeded in doubling the frequency of service of bus line #16; participation in planning of future bicycle lanes in town; and ensuring the application of a 'bus rapid transit' plan for Herzl St. In addition, the nearby train station, together with the recent improvements to the railway system, is an attractive option for many.

Here are things you can do as early as today:

  • Locations of showers (PDF)  at Weizmann for people coming with bicycles
  • Join the carpool network database
  • Use public transportation: take advantage of WIS's excellent location and enjoy the benefits of the train.
  • Join the Green Transportation campaign in Rehovot. Mail to: weizmann@green.org.il. Activities fit all ages and statuses.
  • Report here where infrastructure for bicycle riding (e.g. parking lots, in-house showers) is lacking.
  • When choosing an apartment, consider your future investment in transportation (time, money) and give higher priority to campus accessibility. Walking/ riding distance is preferred.
  • When on campus: don't drive, walk! Enjoy the marvelous WIS gardens.