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Pest Control

The Visibility and Environment Branch operates throughout the year to control pests and rodents, being careful to use methods and materials that do not harm people or the environment.

Biological pest control

Seven wooden barn owl nesting boxes have been installed on poles or trees throughout the Institute.  Barn owls are the best biological control for rodents that live near humans.
This allows us to reduce the use of pesticides that could poison other animals and contaminate the environment.

Mosquito control

We take steps to eliminate mosquitoes in the gardens of residential units and in public areas around Institute:

  1. Monitoring - thorough scan of breeding mosquitoes, especially of the Asian Tiger, drainage points, reserviors, ponds, domestic fountains, forecasting and taking actions according to findings.
  2. Drying out the incubation source or spreading pesticide in the resorviors.
  3. Spraying adult mosquitoes will be carried out according to need.

In order to prevent appearance of mosquitoes in residential areas, the following measures are recommended:

  • Locate and eliminate stagnant water sources around the home.
  • Eliminate stagnant water on roofs, in barrels and buckets, at the base of planters.
  • Prevent puddles forming due to leaks.
  • Avoid over-watering.


To report sources of stagnat water or open a complaint regarding mosquitoes - 

Campus Service Center on 9106 or through a mail message -