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The Gardening Development and Maintenance Section in the Operations Division maintain and plan an area covering 495 dunams.
The Institute’s landscaping has an excellent worldwide reputation. The gardens are some of the most attractive in Israel and an example for everyone involved in the field.


Actions to save trees

The Gardening Development and Maintenance Section carries out a lot of work to save trees that were damaged by age or extreme weather conditions, for example:


Providing specially designed “crutches” to support old, large and heavy branches


Rehabilitating roots and using cables to stabilize trees at risk

Meteorological Station

A meteorological station was established at the Weizmann Institute. The station has a direct impact on the amount of water used for irrigation.
The watering system is controlled and computerized.
Calculation of quantities is based on evaporation data. The meteorological station allows obtaining accurate data on evaporation and the allocation of water for irrigation is affected by the daily data received from the station directly to the watering system’s computer.

Press to view data from the Meteorological Station
Username: weizmann1
Password: 123456