The Chemistry group has performed research in the field of chemistry education for more than 40 years. The group, headed by Prof. Ron Blonder, leads research and professional development frameworks for chemistry teachers, as well as curriculum development done in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education in order to increase the impact of our research on the educational field.

In regards to curriculum development: The group adheres to a research-based design approach, in which learning materials are developed, tested, revised, and implemented. All learning materials are in accordance with the official high-school chemistry syllabus (10th-12th grade). Our learning materials include students’ textbooks, teachers’ guides, educational software, educational games, educational movies, informative and interactive websites.

In addition, the group develops models and conducts and investigates a wide range of teachers’ PD activities – in many of these in-service teachers are introduced to cutting-edge science, in collaboration with scientists from the chemical industry as well as the Weizmann Institute and other academic institutions around the world.

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