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Bike Share Program

14.9.16 - We are delighted to announce that we have been able to double the number of bikes available - thanks to the generosity of the Relocation Grant fund for International Scholars.

The Bike Share Program has been made possible thanks to the generosity of the Relocation Grant fund for International Scholars.  The program is designed to give you free & easy access to bicycle transportation on campus and in town.

Checking out a bike takes no time at all - the bike is your to keep for a full working day (24 hrs) and did we mention that it's FREE!?!?!

Bikes are issued on a first come, first served basis - you are welcome to call the office first to ensure that there is a bike prior to coming over - however, NO reservations are possible.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

    Come to The Visiting Scientists Office
    (Lunenfeld House, no 82 on the Campus map.)
    step2 Sign out a bike

    Easy to ride urban bikes, paperwork on the spot

    step3 Ride like the wind!

    Use for a quick trip or an all day adventure!

Who is eligible to use the bikes?

  • Visiting Scientists & their immediate families aged over 18
  • International Postdocs & their immediate families aged over 18
  • International Students & their immediate families aged over 18

Check-in/out Location

The Visiting Scientists Office - located in Lunenfeld House

(no 82 on the campus map)

Coming soon - a new location will be Clore House on campus

Opening Hours

Sun - Thur: 09.30- 15.00

Contact Details:


Tel: 08-934-3955

Do I have to sign any paperwork?

Each time a bike is checked out, a user agreement form must be completed, and bring it along to our office complete in order to save time.

Do I have to wear a helmet and do you supply this?

WIS promotes safe riding practise and we have a few helmets which have been donated for guests use.  Cyclists are at risk to injury and we strongly encourage you to wear a helmet while you ride a bike.  If you plan to use the program regularly, we recommend that you purchase your own helmet.  

Is the bike mine to keep?

No - we are not giving away bikes - we are providing the bikes for the International Scholar community at WIS, for this community to use.  

Can my son or daughter use the bike?

Only if they are aged over 18 and have checked out the bike and they have signed the agreement in our office.

What if the bike is damaged or stolen while it is checked out to me?

The cyclist is responsible for the bike while it is checked out to them.  We understand that some damage may occur, and will not hold the cyclist responsible for minor damage resulting from responsible use.  If the bike is returned inoperable, you will be asked to pay for the bike.  If the bike is stolen, you will be asked to pay for the bike.