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Looking for an off-campus apartment

If you need to look for an off-campus apartment in Rehovot, bear in mind that the number of rooms listed includes the living room;  that is, a three room apartment means a living room and two bedrooms. Most landlords require a minimum commitment of 12 months.  Most contracts will require a security deposit in case of damage to the apartment by the tenant.

For International Scholars, our relocation counselor, Aileen Halbershtat,  has an up-to-date list of apartments submitted by landlords, and other tenants looking for replacements. She can assist you to locate and rent an off campus apartment, including scheduling appointments to see apartments, what to look for, and contract negotiation. There is no charge for this service which we provide ONLY to International Scholars.

Another way to find an apartment  is by searching the following websites (you can translate using Google translate):


There are also Facebook groups - see below:


Referred to page: