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If you are feeling unwell, but it is not an emergency, you should refer to your insurance policy for specific procedures on what to do.  Some companies allow you to be treated by any private doctor and you will be reimbursed.  Others have arrangements with specific doctors that you should see.   Below are private doctors in the area:

Dr Mali Unger, Pinhas 1 street, Rehovot

Tel: 08-9370814.

Children's doctor: Dr Hoffman, 08-9361106, 8 Gordon Street

Below are a list of doctors in the area who operate in the Clalit Health Insurance (local Israeli policy).

General Practitioners

Dr. Stephen Melnic Tel: 08-941-6630

Dr. Weissberg, Azorim Center  Tel: 08-937-0814, 057-841-1201


Prof. Hagay Zion, Be'eri St. 72, Tel: 08-931-9599, fax: 08-941-1944, Website:

Dr. Benjamin Kaspi, Hish St. 15 (off Hashomrim St.) Tel: 08-949-1053

Dr. Daniel Shern  Tel: 08-945-4015


Dr. Baruch Gonen, Derech Yavne St.45 Tel:  08-946-5475

ENT (Ear, Throat, Nose)

Dr. Reisen, Hadar St   Tel:  08-947-7666


Dr. Ehud Verner, Yehuda Gorodiski St. 31 Tel: 08-945-2284 


Dr. Avraham Kaspi, 182 Herzl St. Tel: 08-936-7071