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If you are feeling unwell, but it is not an emergency, you should refer to your insurance policy for specific procedures on what to do.  Some companies allow you to be treated by any private doctor and you will be reimbursed.  Others have arrangements with specific doctors that you should see.  


For a list of doctors who operate in the Clalit Health Insurance (local Israeli policy), please consult your health insurance policy.


Below are private doctors in the area:


General Practitioner & Children's doctor:

Dr Mali Unger

1 Pinhas Ben David street (Ezorim Commercial Center), Tel: 08-937-0814

Dr Dorit Weissberg

1 Pinhas Ben David street (Ezorim Commercial Center), Tel: 08-937-0814

Dr Robert Hoffman

8 Gordon Street, Tel: 08-9361106


Dr. Baruch Gonen

45 Derech Yavne St., Tel:  08-946-5475

Dr Gili Goldblatt

Ehad Ha'an St room 116, Tel: Secretary - 0549142436 (answers Sun-Thu from 8-11 am), Clinic Whatsapp: 0508552281


Dr Mori Schechter

5 Gordon street, Tel: 08-9494506

English, French

Dr Sarah Daniel

24 Menucha VeNachla street, Tel: 08-945-4015, 08-945-9861

English, French, German.

Dr. Benjamin Kaspi

15 Hish street (off Hashomrim St.), Tel: 08-949-1053

Prof. Hagay Zion

12 Harimon street (corner of Be'eri St.), Tel: 08-9473259



Dr. Avraham Kaspi

182 Herzl St. Tel: 08-936-7071


Dr. Ehud Verner

31 Yehuda Gorodiski St. 31 Tel: 08-945-2284

ENT (Ear, Throat, Nose)

Dr. Ella Reifen

3 Hadar St, Tel:  08-947-7666


Dr. Stephen Melnic

Panda Family Clinic, 12 Eli Hurvitz Street, Beit Ofer, 2nd Floor, Tel: 08-8564646 Ext. 2



Phil Bloom

7 Ahad Ha'am Street, Tel: 08-946-6095


Merhav - Emergency Medical Center in Rehovot from 19:00 to 00:00

2 Jerusalem Road (Sarona Commercial Center), Tel: 073-265-9900


Consultations by doctors, blood pressure tests, EKG, blood sugar level, throat surface, Urine tests, treatment of wounds, burns, and cuts, inhalation under medical supervision, administration of initial dose of medication for immediate treatment until the end of the Sabbath / holiday, references to the ER, all types of blood tests with immediate diagnosis results.