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Eligibility & Procedure

Only full-time FGS students (MSc and PhD), or Visiting Students are eligible to reside in student housing.

We are not able to accommodate children in student housing.  Please note that married/common-law couples should provide the necessary documents to FGS and update their status before submitting an application, to ensure being added to the appropriate list for the type of apartment.

The maximum (cummulative) length of time students are eligible to reside in student housing is 24 months.

Visiting Students are eligible to reside in the Visiting Students Housing for stays from one month up to one year.

At the moment, demand is much greater than available accommodation; therefore you should request that you complete your online application as soon as you are accepted as a student.

If we are not able to offer you housing on your requested entry date, we will offer you the chance of remaining on a waiting list. If you are on a waiting list and offered housing, and decline it for any reason, you will be removed from the waiting list, or can ask to be placed at the bottom of the list.
Students cannot choose the complex they would like to live in.


If you wish to apply for student housing, please submit the correct application form:

WIS Students - This online form is available within the WIS system only

Applicants who have been accepted by FGS but have not yet started their studies  - Candidates should their USERID and password that they received upon registration.

International Visiting Students - should make arrangements through their host department.