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Postdoctoral Fellows


International Postdoctoral Fellows are entitled to a maximum of 12 months staying in housing belonging to in the Weizmann Institute.  Please note that if you stayed in WIS housing as a student, this will impact your eligibility for housing as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

At the moment, demand is much greater than available apartments, therefore you should request that your department place a request for housing at the earliest opportunity.

Apartments are allocated based on availability and we operate a waiting list.  Couples where both partners are Postdoctoral Fellows at the Institute will receive priority.  Postdoctoral Fellows cannot choose the complex they would like to live in.

Apartments are self-catering, and furnished.  We do not provide personal kitchen equipment or bedding supplies - we do however, offer kits for both, for sale, at cost price.  As most fellows are in Israel for longer than 12 months, you will most likely need to purchase these items when renting off campus.

We also have peer Residence Advisors who assist with community building events located in 2 locations and covering all of our housing.  

Postdoctoral Kits information.

You may download the inventory of apartment contents below. 

Derech Yavne

Located just outside the main campus and comprising 68 studio units, 56 for singles and 12 for couples.  No children can be accommodated in this building.  Each room is furnished and has an en-suite shower and toilet. There are laundry facilities on site.

Address: 50 Derech Yavne, Rehovot, ISRAEL

Single studio apartment

Couples studio apartment

Kipnis Complex

Located just outside the main campus and comprising 2 shared apartments for single guests and 36 family apartments (1.5 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms).  There are no laundry facilities on site.

Address: Moshe Kipnis Street, Rehovot, ISRAEL

Family apartment

  • Residence Advisor: Ying Lu
  • Cell: 058-642-9253
  • Residence Advisor: Vishnu Mohan
  • Cell: 052-278-6952

Eisenberg Complex

Located just outside the main campus and comprises 6 family apartments (2 bedrooms).  There are laundry facilities on site.

Address: Eisenberg Street, Rehovot, ISRAEL

Family apartment

Hanasi Harishon

Address: Hanasi Harishon Street, Rehovot, ISRAEL

Family apartment

Shared apartment


Address: Pinsker Street, Rehovot, ISRAEL

Shared apartment



  • Singles are either allocated to a single room, in a shared, same-gender apartment, or to a single studio apartment.
  • Couples are allocated to a couples studio apartment or a family apartment.
  • Families are allocated to an appropriately sized apartment, when available.

Note that allocation is dependent upon availability and guests are not able to choose which complex they will be allocated.

RENTAL RATES (correct as of 1 Feb. 2022)

Please note that the rates below are for a minimum of 1-month rental - for visits shorter than this, your host can advise you of rates.  The rates include:

The average usage of utilities (gas; water); telephone (where installed); WiFi; cable TV; building maintenance and municipal taxes.  Where the usage of utilities is higher than normal, you will be advised in writing and required to pay the outstanding amount.

  • Single: Between 1,600 - 3,020 shekels per month
  • Couples: Between 3,020 - 3,050 shekels per month
  • Families: Between 2,950 - 3,750 shekels per month

Please note that in addition, electricity costs will be charged once every 2 months.

Our office can recommend cleaning services - ask for more information.