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There are many bank located in Rehovot which can offer international services. 

Opening an account takes approximately 45 minutes, and you should bring with you 2 forms of Photo ID, and know your TIN (Tax Identification Number) from your home country.

There are a variety of banks located within Rehovot:

Bank Leumi 200 Herzl Street; Rehovot; 76110

Bank Hapoalim 179 Herzl Street; Rehovot; 76110

Israel Discount Bank - 190 Herzl Street; Rehovot; 76268

Mercantile Discount Bank - 208 Herzl Street; Rehovot; 76111

Union Bank of Israel - 1 Echad Ha'am Street; Rehovot; 76110

Currency Exchange

The Israel Post Office can exchange currency, comission free..