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Situated on the meeting point between Europe, Asia & Africa, the State of Israel, has drawn travellers to it in droves throughout history and today.  The Holy Land, as it’s known to millions, has much to offer – although it may be small in size, there is a wealth of history and archaeology, ancient fortress’s, modern start-up's, an amazing mixture of architecture, world-leading agriculture & development, and an stunning mix of old and new at every turn in this young State.

You can drive from north to south in around 8 hours, and at its slimmest point it is only around 15 km wide - yet you can swim in the Sea of Galilee, float the Dead Sea, surf in the Mediterranean Sea and dive in the Red Sea. 

You can ski in the north and hike in the deserts in the south, enjoy a tour of an award winning winery, eat at a huge range of great restaurants or enjoy some fabulous performances in the theatres throughout the country.

There are a large number of start-up companies and entrepreneurs, together with world-renowned educational institutions.  Israel is a wonderful combination of peoples who have arrived from around the world and have each brought a piece of their local culture with them.

Coming soon will be all of the information you need regarding Israel ranging from currency, healthcare and taxes through to food and entertainment.