Prof. Gideon Schreiber

Principal investigator

Phone +972-50-868-7834

Location Nella and Leon Benoziyo Building for Biological Sciences , room 475

  • Doron Levin

    PhD student

    Associate Scientist at Compugen Ltd

  • Or Matalon


    PhD at the Weizmann Institute

  • Beckman coulter Israel

  • works as team leader in Nevia Genomics

  • Yael Philip

    PhD student

    works as team leader at Rosetta Green, Israel

  • Tal Peleg Shulman


    Studying Law

  • Hadas Lapid

    MSc Student

    PostDoc at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

  • Yossi Shaul

    MSc Student

  • Shira Shaul

    MSc Student

    PhD student, Weizmann Institute

  • Michal Slutzki

    MSc Student

    Postdoc at Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot

  • Dana Reichmann

    Ph.D Student

    Senior Scientist, Hebrew University

  • Ofer Rahat

    Ph.D Student

    Software engineer / Data analyst, IBM security

  • Eyal Kalie

    Ph.D Student

    Senior Course Director at Henry Stewart Talks, UK

  • Diego Jaitin

    Ph.D Student

    research associate Weizmann Institute

  • Hani Neuvirth

    M.Sc. Student

    Senior Researcher at Microsoft, Israel

  • Yossie Kutner

    Ph.D Student

  • Laila Roisman

    Ph.D Student

    PostDoc in Australia

  • Mati Cohen

    Ph.D Student

    HQL biotechnology, Israel

  • Michal Harel

    Ph.D Student

    Doing now a PostDoc at the Tel Aviv university, Israel

  • Moran Benzur

    Ph.D Student


  • Kay Gottschalk


    Professor at the University of Ulm, Germany

  • Jacob Piehler


    Professor of Biochemistry, Osnabruck