Although fluorine-19 is the second most NMR-sensitive nucleus (after 1H) and 19F-containing materials are widely used for MR-based studies (NMR and MRI), fluoride-based nanocrystals (i.e., nanofluorides, MxFy) have not been studied in solution with high-resolution 19F-NMR and nor used in 19F-MRI.

Engineered Reporter Gene

Fluorescent reporter genes have revolutionized science and their discoverers have been awarded the Nobel Prize. Nevertheless, the light signal source of these reporters restricts their use in deep tissues and in large animals (and potentially in humans), thus the call for alternatives.

NMR and Binding Dynamics

The ability to observe and quantitatively evaluate in real-time kinetic phenomena associated with supramolecular assemblies is key to better understanding their defined three-dimensional structures and diverse functionalities.

Multiplexed MR Imaging

Synthetically designed optical biosensors have become the “felt highlighter markers” of science, because they enable one to tag molecules of interest with striking contrast. In this manner, one can determine in colorful relief their location and levels in cells and tissues.