Professionalization processes of facilitators in mathematics teachers' professional development: Toward an empirically-based theoretical framework (GIF Grant #I-1426-117.4/2017)

Leading team

Dr. Ronnie Karsenty

Prof. Susanne Prediger (TU Dortmund, Germany)

Prof. Abraham Arcavi

Ph.D. students

Gil Schwartz


Dr. Avital Elbaum-Cohen


Shani Motsa


This research focuses on facilitators’ professionalization processes in the first year of conducting PD courses. Our goal is to capture not only the facilitators’ knowledge growth during their qualification period before they enter their actual job, but mainly the development of their practices and decision-making processes on the job, using a longitudinal collective case study design with a data collection phase of 1.5 years. Data is collected in two PD programs for mathematics teachers, in Israel and in Germany. At each site, facilitators are accompanied from their qualification stage and into the first year on the job of conducting PD courses. The research uses various data collection means, including video data from the facilitators’ preparation workshops; video documentation of the PD sessions conducted by the new facilitators; individual journals; questionnaires; and video-based interviews. Comparison of cases within and between the Israeli and German contexts will serve to identify context-specific and context-independent patterns in the facilitators’ processes of professionalization, and consequently generate a theoretical framework to describe such processes.

Related Papers

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