Academic Positions

Non tenure track

(for academic tenure track - see here)

Academic Consultant and Senior Intern

There are two academic non-tenure-track positions at the Weizmann Institute of Science:

  • Academic Consultants for Research or Teaching:
    An academic position in a group for a person who has the professional expertise, which the group is lacking, and which is necessary for advancing its scientific work. Requires a PhD or equivalent degree for the position of an academic consultant for Research. Such recruitment shall be for a limited time period at a scope which as a rule shall not exceed 40% of full-time employment (up to 9 days per month).
  • Senior Intern ("Mitmache Bachir") - a priori requirements for consideration for appointment to this position include:
    • Holder of a PhD or equivalent degree with postdoctoral or other equivalent experience of at least two years;
    • Cumulative appointment at this rank may not exceed seven years (inclusive of any appointment as a senior postdoc). A Senior Intern who has been in this position for a period of 3 years to 7 years may be appointed, at the end of his employment term as a Senior Intern, only to the position of a Research Associate on external funding or a tenured position.

Appointments to an Academic Consultant or Senior Intern position at the Weizmann Institute involve a review of the applicant's file by the relevant Academic and Administrative entities. Generally, an application should be submitted at least one month ahead of the requested commencement date, via a member of the scientific personnel who might wish to offer you one of the above-mentioned positions.

To search for a scientific personnel member who may be interested in your joining his/her research group you may consult:

  • Listings of the research interests of scientific personnel members are available online in the Current Research Activities publication.
  • Contact details of scientific personnel are available online in the Academic Staff Directory.
  • Keyword Search for Institute Researchers: A specialty search engine has been designed which will return further to a Keyword(s) of your choice, a table of contact details for Weizmann Institute researchers whose activities are relevant to provided search keyword(s). The contact details table returned is compiled further to an automatic search that scans the following available online sources: Current research activities entry; Publications; Research grants and projects information; Weizmann institute researchers homepages;

* Note: (1) Institute procedures require that any future request for an appointment at the Institute, if and when submitted by a relevant Scientific Personnel member of the Institute, may be considered by the relevant academic entities only after at least 6 months have elapsed following end of the appointment to a non-tenure track position. (2) Appointment as Academic Consultant or a senior intern requires the recipient to be an Israeli national, permanent resident, or holder of a valid work permit. To receive a work permit one must a priori appear in person in the Israeli consulate in one's country of residence (and the administrative procedure at the Israel Ministry of Interior leading to such a time usually takes around 6-8 weeks prior to the relevant date for receipt of visa approval at the consulate. Procedures are initiated upon submission by the Weizmann Institute of Science's scientific personnel member of the relevant request to the Academic Affairs Office for approval of an appointment of a Senior Intern).