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Ms. Sima Tamir
Academic Secretary, Head of Directorate for Academic Affairs
Ms. Maayan Wayn
Head of Office: Academic Committees (V12, V5), Fellowships Programs, Scientific Council and Council of Professors Activities
Ms. Ronit Matzliach
Head, Senior Scientists Academic Review Desk: Academic Committees (V9, PACSE, RSAC), Academic Consultants, Academic Collaboration, Office correspondence, Ad-Hoc Committees, Sabbatical Rights
Ms. Dalit Shtosser
Head, Life Sciences PI Academic Review Desk: Academic Committees (LSV7, LSV3, LSVS), Senior Interns, Young Academy, Ministry of Absorption Connection, B Kamea
Ms. Tamara Tunik
Head, Staff Scientists Academic Review Desk: Academic Committees (LSV5, SC Staff Scientists), Staff Scientist track, Visiting Faculty Programs, Visitors Extraordinaire, Alon, Azrieli, and Zuckerman Fellowships
Ms. Shani Eivgi
Administrative Officer:  Department Administrator, System Integrator, Database, Website, Support Programs for Conferences, Correspondence 
Ms. Anat Reis                                                                                                          IQA and Academic Awards Officer: Institutional academic QA, Scientific and Academic Advisory Committee (SAAC), Academic Internal and External Prizes and Awards +972-8-934-6499