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Ms. Sima Tamir
Academic Secretary, Head of Directorate for Academic Affairs

Ms. Maayan Wayn
Head, Academic Affairs Office

Academic Committees (V12, V5), Fellowships Programs, Scientific Council and Council of Professors Activities


Ms. Ronit Matzliach
Head, Senior Scientists Academic Desk

Academic Committees (V9, PACSE, RSAC), Academic Consultants, Academic Collaboration, Ad-Hoc Committees, Sabbatical Rights


Ms. Dalit Shtosser
Head, Life Sciences PIs Academic Desk

Academic Committees (LSV7, LSV3, LSVS), Senior Interns, Young Academy, Liaison to the Ministry of Absorption, 


Ms. Tamara Tunik
Head, Staff Scientists Academic Desk

Academic Committees (LSV5, SC Staff Scientists), Staff Scientist track, Visiting Faculty Programs, Visitors Extraordinaire, Competitive Programs and Fellowships

Ms. Shani Eivgi
System Integrator, Database, Website, Support Programs for Conferences 

Ms. Anat Reis                                                                                                          IQA and Academic Awards Officer

Institutional Academic QA, Scientific and Academic Advisory Committee (SAAC), Academic Internal and External Prizes and Awards

Ms. Gali Lev Nardi                                                                                            Administrative Officer +972-8-934-2368