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Dr. Boaz Avron
Academic SecretaryDirectorate for Research and Academic Affairs
Ms. Shirley Kaveh-Shtul
Head of Office: Academic Committees (V12, V5), Scientific and Academic Advisory Committee (SAAC), Prize/Fellowships Programs, Scientific and Council of Professors Activities, Fulbright Foundation, Blavatnik, Kimmel Award, Kamea, Weizmann Memorial Lectures, Sabbatical Rights, Department Administrator, System Integrator, Database, Website, Support Programs for Conferences, Correspondence 
Ms. Ronit Matzliach
Academic Coordinator: Academic Committees (V9, PACSE, RSAC), Academic Consultants, Academic Collaboration, Krill Prize, Office Correspondance, Ad-Hoc Committees
Ms. Dalit Shtosser
Academic Coordinator: Academic Committees (LSV7, LSV3, LSVS), Senior Interns, Young Academy, Ministry of Absorption Connection
Ms. Tamara Tunik
Academic Coordinator: Academic Committees (LSV5, SC Staff Scientists), Staff Scientist track, Visiting Faculty Programs, Visitors Extraordinaire, Alon, Azrieli and Zuckerman Fellowships