Housing Assistance for Academic Staff

Housing Assistance

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Purchase of Campus Housing

Tenured Full Professors, Associate Professors, Senior Staff Scientists, Senior Scientists and Senior Administrative Officers of the Institute, as determined by the President from time to time and upon approval of the Management Committee, are entitled to purchase lease rights in housing-units on campus or land for building housing-units.

Academic Staff presently residing in an on-campus dwelling-unit, house or semi-detached house for lease by the Institute shall be entitled to lease their present dwelling-unit from the Institute. The lease price will be a fair market price determined by a licensed assessors.

According to Institute regulations, Academic Staff and other employees qualify as eligible to lease from the Institute, , new on-campus dwelling-units erected on land owned by the Institute or existing dwelling-units that become vacant. If the Institute is the initiator of the sale of the housing unit , or the sale of land for self-construction of a new neighborhood is considered, all eligible Academic Staff will be notified.

General outline of campus housing lease terms (The full and binding terms are in the lease contract).

For further information please contact the International Office and housing: Tel. 972-8-9343492; Fax: 972-8-9346012; e-mail: dana.dvash@weizmann.ac.il