Weizmann Memorial Lecturers

Session  Year   Lecturer Area Discipline
61st 2021 Prof. Philippe Ciais Climate Change Chemistry
60th 2021 Prof. Anne L'Huillier Atomic Physics Physics
59th 2018 Prof. William A. Eaton Biophysical Chemistry Chemistry
58th 2017 Prof. Gero Miesenböck Physiology Anatomy and Genetics Life Sciences
57th 2016 Prof. Charles Kane Physics and Astronomy Physics
56th 2015 Prof. Stephen Boyd Applied Mathematics Mathematics and Computer Sciences
55th 2014 Prof. Carlos J. Bustamante Life Sciences and Physics Life Sciences and Physics
54th 2013 Prof. Mark A. Ratner Chemistry Chemistry
53rd 2011 Prof. Ronald Coifman Computer Science Mathematics and Computer Science
52nd 2010 Prof. Rolf-Dieter Heuer Physics Physics
51st 2009 Prof. Harry B. Gray Chemistry Chemistry
50th 2008 Prof. Susan Lindquist Life Sciences Life Sciences
49th 2007 Prof. Hillel Furstenberg Mathematics Mathematics and Computer Sciences
48th 2006 Prof. Robert P. Kirshner Astrophysics Physics
47th 2005 Prof. Paul Alivisatos Chemistry Chemistry
46th 2004 Prof. Louis H. Miller Life Sciences Life Sciences
45th 2003 Prof. Albert J. Libchaber Physics Physics
44th 2002 Prof. Susan Solomon Environmental Sciences Chemistry
43rd 2001 Prof. Michael Rabin Mathematics Mathematics and Computer Sciences
42nd 2000 Prof. Andrew Wyllie Molecular Biology Life Sciences
41st 1999 Prof. Jacob N. Israelachvili Chemistry Chemistry
40th 1998 Prof. Steven Chu Physics Physics
39th 1997 Prof. James A. Yorke Mathematics Mathematics
38th 1996 Prof. James E. Rothman Biology Life Sciences
37th 1995 Prof. Paul B. Sigler Chemistry Chemistry
36th 1994 Prof. D. J. Gross Particle Physics Physics
35th 1993 Prof. E. H. Fischer Biochemistry Life Sciences
34th 1992 Prof. D. Knuth Computer Science Mathematics
33rd 1991 Prof. A. Eschenmoser Chemistry Chemistry
32nd 1990 Prof. B. I. Halperin Physics Physics
31st 1989 Prof. P. Leder Molecular Genetics LIfe Sciences
30th 1986 Prof. R. N. Zare Chemistry Chemistry
29th 1985 Prof. C. Rubbia Physics Physics
28th 1984 Prof. P. D. Boyer Biochemistry Life Sciences
27th 1983 Prof. C. Weissman Biology Life Sciences
26th 1982 Prof. J. Keller Mathematics Mathematics
25th 1981 Prof. E. M. Shoemaker Planetary Sciences Physics
24th 1980 Prof. P. F. De Gennes Chemistry Chemistry
23rd 1979 Prof. D. H. Hubel Neurobiology Life Sciences
22nd 1978 Prof. H. A. Bethe Physics Physics
21st 1977 Prof. P. Berg Biochemistry & Genetic Engineering Life Sciences
20th 1975 Prof. E. Katzir Fermentation & Biochemical Engineering Life Sciences
19th 1975 Prof. Hans L. Kornberg Regulation of Microbial Metabolism Life Sciences
18th 1974 Prof. W. W. Lipscomb Chemistry & Crystallography Chemistry
17th 1973 Prof. D. Gabor Holography Physics
16th 1972 Prof. D. Koshland Biochemistry Life Sciences
15th 1971 Prof. S. L. Washburn Anthropology Chemistry
14th 1967 Prof. G. Wald Biology Life Sciences
13rd 1966 Prof. M. M. Schiffer Pure Mathematics Mathematics
12nd 1965 Prof. A. Kornberg Biochemistry Life Sciences
11st 1964 Prof. F. Hoyle Astrophysics Physics
10th 1963 Prof. R. Woodward Organic Chemistry Chemistry
9th 1962 Prof. W. Rosenblith Biophysics Life Sciences
8th 1961 Prof. M. Perutz Chemistry Chemistry
7th 1960 Prof. S. Chandrasekhar Applied Mathematics Mathematics
6th 1959 Prof. J. Brachet Biology Life Sciences
5th 1958 Prof. Sir Christopher Ingold Chemistry Chemistry
4th 1957 Prof. I. I. Rabi Physics Physics
3rd 1955 Prof. E. Chain Biochemistry Life Sciences
2nd 1954 Prof. P. M. S. Blackett Physics, Mathematics Physics
1st 1953 Prof. Sir Robert Robinson Organic Chemistry Chemistry