Courses at Feinberg Graduate School

Courses at Feinberg Graduate School
Title Lecturer(s) Semester Time & Location
Introduction to Lab Automation Dr. Lior Segev
Dr. Danielle Honigstein
2nd 2024, 0900-1600, De Picciotto, Room 232
Neuroanatomy Dr. Liora Las
Dr. Eyal Cohen
1st 2024, Tuesday, 0915-1200, FGS, Rm C
Introduction to Neuroscience: Cellular and Synaptic Physiology Prof. Ofer Yizhar
Prof. Ilan Lampl
1st 2024, Thursday, 0915-1100, Wolfson Auditorium

Tuesday, 1415-1600,
Dynamical Systems: From Physics to Neuroscience Prof. Michail Tsodyks
Dr. Mikhail Katkov
2nd 2024, Monday, 1115-1400, FGS, Rm B
Methods in Neuroscience- Theoretical Dr. Takashi Kawashima
Prof. Nachum Ulanovsky
Prof. Ilan Lampl
Prof. Yaniv Ziv
Dr. Ivo Spiegel
Dr. Yarden Cohen
Dr. Rita Schmidt
Dr. Michal Ramot
Prof. Ofer Yizhar
Dr. Yoav Livneh
2nd 2024, Monday, 1415-1600, FGS, Rm B
Introduction to neuroscience: Behavioral neuroscience Prof. Nachum Ulanovsky
Prof. Rony Paz
Dr. Yoram Gutfreund
Dr. Liora Las
Dr. Saikat Ray
Prof. Tali Kimchi
Dr. Yarden Cohen
Dr. Avner Wallach
2nd 2024, Thursday, 1315-1600, FGS, Rm C
MSc seminars - Brain Sciences Prof. Yaniv Ziv Full Year 2024, Thursday, 1615-1800, FGS, Rm A
Rotations seminars - Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience Dr. Meital Oren-Suissa Full Year
Systems neuroscience reading seminar Prof. Nachum Ulanovsky Full Year 2024, Monday, 1415-1600, Benoyzio, Rm 113
Methods in Neuroscience- Practical Dr. Takashi Kawashima 2nd
Neuroanatomy Laboratory Dr. Raya Eilam-Altstadter 2nd 2024, -
Evolution and biology of sex Dr. Yehuda Salzberg
Dr. Meital Oren-Suissa
Prof. Tali Kimchi
Dr. Gonen Nitzan
2nd 2024, Wednesday, 1415-1600, FGS, Rm B
Animal Models of CNS Diseases Dr. Liora Las 2nd 2024, Tuesday, 1400-1600, FGS, Rm A
Human Neuroscience Dr. Michal Ramot
Prof. Rony Paz
Dr. Rita Schmidt
Ms. Meytal Wilf
Prof. Simone Shamay-Tsoory
2nd 2024, Sunday, 0915-1100, FGS, Rm A
Contemporary Neuroimmunology and Psycho-Neuroimmunology Prof. Michal Schwartz  2nd 2024, Monday, 1115-1300, FGS, Rm C