Students who are interested in dissecting the neuronal circuits underlying vision are welcome to apply. A wide range of backgrounds and interests are appropriate, including neuroscience, biology, physics, and engineering. Previous experience with electrophysiology and/or imaging is preferred.

Please email a statement of interests and CV to michal.rivlin@weizmann.ac.il



In addition, we are now recruiting postdocs for a new project:

Massive work was done to decipher the neural code of the visual information at the retina level. How do retinal targets integrate and process the retinal output is still an unsolved question. The aim of the project is to reveal how visual information is processed along the main visual pathway. For that, advanced in vivo imaging techniques will be used in combination with electrophysiology recordings, optogenetics and pharmacogenetics.

Computational/engineering background and programming experience are preferable. Experience with two-photon imaging is an advantage.

Interested candidates are requested to send their CV, statement of interest and contact details of 2-3 referees to michal.rivlin@weizmann.ac.il