Nonequilibrium many-body phenomena in 2D droplet ensembles

While using microfluidic droplets as miniaturized compartments for cell-free protein synthesis we noticed a phenomenon associated with the collective flow of droplets, in which a 1D array of droplets flowing in a quasi-2D channel lost order in a very peculiar manner. Leaving aside the encapsulated reaction and following our curiosity led to the discovery of acoustic phonon-like vibrations in a viscous flow regime where no ‘crystalline’ order and wavy phenomena were expected. Analysis of the spectrum of the phonons revealed hydrodynamic dipolar interactions underlying fundamentally new phenomena in many-body systems driven far from equilibrium and governed by long-range forces. This work created a surge of interest in a broad community interested in fundamental statistical physics or in droplet microfluidics technology. In subsequent work we discovered Burgers shock waves as well as long-range orientational order in 2D disordered microfluidic droplet ensembles.

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