Coupling Quantum Emitters & Surface Plasmons

Plasmonic molecules

Small clusters of metal nanoparticles show exciting  novel phenomena when excited with light,  due to interactions between the surface-plasmon excitations of the individual particles. We study the properties of the smallest such clusters, which are termed “plasmonic molecules”.

Strong Coupling of Surface Plasmons and Quantum Dot Excitons

The project involves plasmonics, the study of electromagnetic fields within metallic nanostructures. We employ  quantum  dots  and  plasmonic  structures  in  order  to  generate  strong  coupling between  ‘molecular’-like  excitations  and  surface  plasmonics. State-of-the-art nanotechnology, including high-resolution electron beam lithography, will be used in order to create the plasmonic structures to be used in this study. Finally, single-particle spectroscopy and dark-field microspectroscopy will be used in order to probe the spectra of the plasmonic structures and verify the attainment of the strong coupling regime.