Thermodynamic control

It is clearly desirable to cool down or purify a qubit at the fastest rate possible to make it suitable for tasks of quantum information processing. The standard, straightforward way of cooling a system such as a qubit is by equilibrating this system with a cold bath. But can one cool qubits faster than their equilibration time?

Quantumness control in open systems

Environment effects generally hamper or completely destroy the “quantumness” of any complex device. Particularly fragile against environment effects is quantum entanglement (QE) in multipartite systems.

Dynamical control for diagnostics

We develop novel NMR and optical methods aimed at employing dynamical control to acquire information on the bath spectrum and tis coupling to the system. The focus on methods that venture beyond the weak-coupling limit.

Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC)

We have focused on two topics related to BEC:

  1. entanglement of continuous variables via collisions;
  2. dynamical control of decoherence & entanglement relevant to many-body systems.

Atom field interactions and entanglement

Quantum optics methods have been employed to discover novel, powerful mechanisms for:

  1. atom-atom and
  2. photon-photon interactions and entangelment.
  3. Translational-internal entanglement in a single particle has been studied.