Time Arrow reversibility

The promise of the “second quantum revolution” hinges on the success of quantum technologies such as quantum information processing and quantum sensing

Thermodynamic control

Minimal quantum heat machines: We have introduced  the minimal and simplest thermal machines in the quantum domain. These may be conceived as  quantized (harmonic-oscillator) 'piston' that couples to a single qubit acting as either a quantum heat engine (QHE) or quantum refrigerator (QR) on spectrally non-flat baths.

Dynamical Decoherence Control : Quantum-Zeno & Anti-Zeno Dynamics

Quantum phenomena are expected to play an increasing role in technologies. Special attention must hence be paid to decoherence effects emerging, such as coupling of the system to an external environment (bath), noise in the classical fields controlling the system, or population leakage out of a relevant system subspace. 

Noise as a Source of Sensing Information

Noise Sensing via Zeno and anti-Zeno Effects: Traditionally, sensing seeks to maximize the ratio of useful output that carries  information ( a signal) on the sensed/ probed  object  to useless output that is essentially void of information (noise) and is caused by the environment of this object.

Quantum Hybrid Systems

We pioneered an approach that has become key to the advent of quantum technologies: quantum information processing, transfer and storage in hybrid systems comprised of diverse blocks integrated on chips: superconducting (SC) qubits coupled via a microwave resonator to ensembles of ultra-cold atoms or NV-center spins.

Atom field interactions and entanglement

Bath-Induced Entanglement: Environment effects generally hamper or completely destroy the “quantumness” of any complex system. Particularly fragile against environment effects is quantum entanglement (QE) in multipartite systems. This fragility may disable quantum information processing and other forthcoming quantum technologies: interferometry, metrology and lithography. This QE fragility has been the standard resolution of the Schroedinger-cat paradox: the environment has been assumed to preclude macrosystem entanglement.