Carrier dynamics in semiconductor quantum dots

Unlike many organic chromofores, semiconductor quantum dots can accomodate multiple excitations. Multiple excitation leads, however, to the opening of new and rapid non-radiative relaxation routes via an Auger mechanism, where an exciton recombines and transfers the energy to a spectator charge. By controlling the composition in a multicomponent ("onion") quantum dot, it is possible to control and utilize this relaxation mechanism.

We have been using a combination of ensemble and single-particle spectroscopy to investigate many unique pohenomena in these particles which exploit enahnced exciton-exciton interactions. In the past few years we have also been developing quantum spectroscopy - the use of temporal and spectral-temporal photon correlation information as an alternative or an addition to "conventional" time-, frequency- or k-space dependent spectroscopy. These efforts often rely on state-of-the-art SPAD array technology which enables us to perform experiments which were impossible until recently.

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