Course Overview

Clinical Cases in Immunology

This course is targeted on general biology audience with interest in immunology, genetics and human diseases. The aim of this course is to review, deepen and solidify your knowledge in immunopathology and clinical immunology by presenting and discussing authentic examples of patients suffering from diverse genetically inherited immune disorders.
Each lecture features 3-4 different but related individual case studies, briefly describing patients’ symptoms, clinical examination, medical history, and therapeutic treatments. Based on this information we try to determine which part of the immune system is dysfunctional and diagnose the specific disease. We then discuss cellular and molecular mechanisms leading to the specific disorder, as well as possible genetic predisposition. We then compare how much the human phenotype resembles phenotypes in corresponding mouse models.
These case studies discussed during the course include:

1) Immunodeficiencies
2) Autoimmune disorders
3) Anaphylaxis and allergy
4) Lymphoproliferative disorders
5) Inflammatory disorders
Basic Immunology
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Basic Immunology

Basic Immunology link: http://www.weizmann.ac.il/immunology/education
This course is given jointly by Prof. Steffen Jung, Prof. Idit Shachar and Dr. Kobi Abramson and is targeted on general biology audience. Its goal is to explain the basic principles of the immune system.

Advanced Immunology
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Advanced Immunology

Advanced Immunology link: http://www.weizmann.ac.il/immunology/education
This course is organized by Prof. Ronen Alon and is mainly targeted on students/postdocs interested to learn more about the specific fields of immunology and the most recent immunology research. Each lecture is given by departmental member, who is an expert in the particular field.