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Immune tolerance & Autoimmunity


The main interest of the Abramson lab (est. Jan 2011) is to understand how immunological tolerance to self is established and how breakdown of this process results in autoimmunity. Specifically, the lab studies the role of the thymus gland and of the autoimmune regulator (AIRE) gene in these processes, but also investigates their non-conventional and emerging roles within the immune system. Furthermore, the lab is interested in translating their findings from basic research into designing novel approaches for immune-based therapies. 

To address the above goals, the lab utilizes a broad and diverse arsenal of tools and expertise ranging from classical immunology, molecular biology, multiomics, microscopy, in-vivo gene editing, generation and analysis of genetically manipulated mouse models, as well as studies on human patients.

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Selected Publications

The emerging family of RORγt+ antigen-presenting cells

Abramson J., Dobeš J., Lyu M. & Sonnenberg G. F. (2024) Nature Reviews Immunology. 24, p. 64-77

Autoimmune amelogenesis imperfecta in patients with APS-1 and coeliac disease

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Thymic mimetic cells function beyond self-tolerance

Givony T., Leshkowitz D., Del Castillo D., Nevo S., Kadouri N., Dassa B., Gruper Y., Khalaila R., Ben-Nun O., Gome T., Dobeš J., Ben-Dor S., Kedmi M., Keren-Shaul H., Heffner-Krausz R., Porat Z., Golani O., Addadi Y., Brenner O., Lo D. D., Goldfarb Y. & Abramson J. (2023) Nature. 622, 7981, p. 164–172

Extrathymic expression of Aire controls the induction of effective TH17 cell-mediated immune response to Candida albicans

Dobeš J., Ben-Nun O., Binyamin A., Stoler-Barak L., Oftedal B. E., Goldfarb Y., Kadouri N., Gruper Y., Givony T., Zalayat I., Kováčová K., Böhmová H., Valter E., Shulman Z., Filipp D., Husebye E. S. & Abramson J. (2022) Nature Immunology. 23, 7, p. 1098-1108

Mechanistic dissection of dominant AIRE mutations in mouse models reveals AIRE autoregulation

Goldfarb Y., Givony T., Dobeš J., Kadouri N., Zalayat I., Peligero-Cruz C., Damari G., Dassa B., Ben-Dor S., Gruper Y., Oftedal B. E., Bratland E., Erichsen M. M., Berger A., Avin A., Nevo S., Haljasorg U., Kuperman Y., Ulman A., Porat Z., Haffner-Krausz R., Atasoy U., Leshkowitz D., Husebye E. S. & Abramson J. (2021) Journal of Experimental Medicine. 218, 11, e20201076.

Thymic epithelial cell heterogeneity: TEC by TEC

Kadouri N., Nevo S., Goldfarb Y. & Abramson J. (2020) Nature Reviews Immunology. 20, 4, p. 239-253

Single-cell mapping of the thymic stroma identifies IL-25-producing tuft epithelial cells

Bornstein C., Nevo S., Giladi A., Kadouri N., Pouzolles M., Gerbe F., David E., Machado A., Chuprin A., Toth B., Goldberg O., Itzkovitz S., Taylor N., Jay P., Zimmermann V. S., Abramson J. & Amit I. (2018) Nature. 559, 7715, p. 622-626

Transcriptional programs that control expression of the autoimmune regulator gene Aire

Herzig Y., Nevo S., Bornstein C., Brezis M. R., Ben-Hur S., Shkedy A., Eisenberg-Bord M., Levi B., Delacher M., Goldfarb Y., David E., Weinberger L., Viukov S., Ben-Dor S., Giraud M., Hanna J. H., Breiling A., Lyko F., Amit I., Feuerer M. & Abramson J. (2017) Nature Immunology. 18, 2, p. 161-172

Dominant Mutations in the Autoimmune Regulator AIRE Are Associated with Common Organ-Specific Autoimmune Diseases

Oftedal B., Hellesen A., Erichsen M., Bratland E., Vardi A., Perheentupa J., Kemp E., Fiskerstrand T., Viken M., Weetman A., Fleishman S., Banka S., Newman W., Sewell W., Sozaeva L., Zayats T., Haugarvoll K., Orlova E., Haavik J., Johansson S., Knappskog P., Lovas K., Wolff A., Abramson J. & Husebye E. (2015) Immunity. 42, 6, p. 1185-1196

Z-DNA marks the spot for AIRE

Goldfarb Y. & Abramson J. (2024) Cell Research.
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