Functions of long noncoding RNAs

In order to understand lncRNA function, we established in the lab several experimental systems where we can perturb and activate lncRNA expression using RNAi, CRISPR/Cas9 editing, or CRISPR interference:

  • Differentiation of human and mouse embryonic stem cells (ESCs) into neuronal progenitors and neurons
  • Differentiation of human ESCs into various cells of the endodermal lineage
  • Transgenic mouse animals (lncRNA knockouts)
  • Regeneration of peripheral neurons in vivo and in culture
  • Memory formation in the central nervous system
  • Response of breast cancer cells to signaling cues

In these systems, we target several carefully selected and conserved lncRNAs and measure the effects on the organismal, cellular and molecular level.

ESC-derived neuronal cells
ESC-derived neuronal cells