Protocols, Reporter genes and Probes for molecular imaging

Multimodal molecular imaging

  • Bimodal magnetic resonance and optical imaging of extracellular matrix remodelling by orthotopic ovarian tumours  Bochner F., Fellus-Alyagor L., Ketter D., Golani O., Biton I. & Neeman M. (2020) British Journal of Cancer.  

  • Intravital imaging of vascular anomalies and extracellular matrix remodeling in orthotopic pancreatic tumors  Bochner F., Mohan V., Zinger A., Golani O., Schroeder A., Sagi I. & Neeman M. (2020)International Journal of Cancer. 146, 8, p. 2209-2217 

  • Imaging Insulin Secretion from Mouse Pancreas by MRI Is Improved by Use of a Zinc-Responsive MRI Sensor with Lower Affinity for Zn2+ Ions  Martins A. F., Jordan V. C., Bochner F. et_al. (2018) Journal of the American Chemical Society. 140,50, p. 17456-17464

  • Whole Organ Blood and Lymphatic Vessels Imaging (WOBLI)  Oren R., Fellus-Alyagor L., Addadi Y. et_al. (2018) Scientific Reports. 8, 1412. 

  • Multimodal Correlative Preclinical Whole Body Imaging and Segmentation  Akselrod-Ballin A., Dafni H., Addadi Y., Biton I., Avni R., Brenner Y. & Neeman M. (2016) Scientific Reports. 6, 27940.

  • A Novel Intravital Imaging Window for Longitudinal Microscopy of the Mouse Ovary Bochner F., Fellus-Alyagor L., Kalchenko V. (., Shinar S. & Neeman M. (2015) Scientific Reports. 5,12446.


Ferritin: Development and application of ferritin as a reporter gene for MRI








Avidin chase