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Eat & Go

The Weizmann Institute of Science offers the Eat & Go Service, which enables employees and students to receive discounts at the Institute’s restaurants and charge meals using their employee/student card or the My Sodexo app.

Join Eat-Go

Registration/Orders can only be placed within the Weizmann network. If you are a Weizmann user please connect to the website using VPN.

Register for the service using your Institute username and password. If you do not have an Institute username, contact your HR business partner, Coordinator of Scholarships and Administration, the Academic Secretariat, or your faculty or departmental secretary.

  • The registration process: When meals are charged through your salary, the service comes into effect after you approve the online form consenting meal charges.
  • When the charge is made through a credit card, await the confirmation email and then fill out the credit details on the Sodexo website. Please note that the website is in Hebrew, if you need help, contact Sima Frai-Peretz 08-9343352. 

When purchasing the meal, the charge will be made upon swiping your personal employee/student card through the card reader or presenting the app code. The transaction will be sent to the Payroll Section to be deducted from your next paycheck/scholarship payment. Payment can also be made, under certain conditions, by credit card – see under “Can I pay by credit card?” below.

  • When charges are deducted from the salary, each charge covers all purchases made from the 16th day of the previous month to the 15th day of the current month
  • When payments are charged to a personal credit card, each charge covers all purchases made between the 1st day of the month and the end of the month
  • The discount rate in each of the restaurants can be viewed on the website, in the “Menus” tab
  • For discounts at off-campus restaurants – use the Cibus Sodexo mobile app
    (App registration will be done by employees/students, under their responsibility, and subject to the commercial terms specified on the service provider's website).

Daily upper limit total eligible for discounts:

  • In all campus restaurants except for Café Mada: A total of 120 NIS after discounts
  • At Café Mada – A total of 300 NIS after discounts

*For credit card payments, a clearing fee of 3% will be deducted from the discount
 Discounts on the price list in the campus restaurants do not apply to the purchase of refreshments and/or hospitality items

  • All charges can be viewed at any time on the Sodexo website. Log in with the personal user name selected at the initial login; the initial password is the employee/student number and the company name ״מכון ויצמן״
  • You can receive instant email notification of any transaction made through the card. To enable this option, log on to the Sodexo site; under My Account => Settings => check or uncheck “I Want to receive email alerts” and specify the e-mail address

* The Sodexo website supports Hebrew only.

It is your duty and responsibility to immediately report the loss of an employee/student card to the head of the relevant HR business partner or Coordinator of Scholarships and Administration , in order for a new card to be issued in place of the lost one. Please note that the Institute will exempt you from any unauthorized charges made on your personal employee/student card only from the date on which you reported the loss and thereafter (as is the norm in cases of credit card loss).

This option is designated exclusively for the population authorized for this service, as reviewed and determined automatically upon registering for the service.

The Eat & Go Service procedure for charging a personal credit card