Moshe Biton, Ph.D.

Dr. Moshe Biton

Immunology and Regenerative Biology
Gut Tissue Dynamics
Research Focus
Understanding epithelial, stem and immune cell interactions in the gut

Signals arriving from the outside world play a key role in shaping a tissue. Disruption of the cellular equilibrium within the gut tissue may lead to various diseases, including food allergies, inflammatory bowel diseases, and cancer. To understand intestinal tissue physiology at higher resolution, we are leveraging computational biology, single-cell genomics, mouse genetics, molecular biology, spatial transcriptomic, and imaging. We aim to decipher the role of epithelial-immune interactions in homeostasis and gut pathologies by 3D organoids, mouse and human samples, and computational analysis. Our goal is to understand tissue basic principles and identify disease key pathways. 

We focus on: 

1. Epithelial stem cell biology. 

2. Epithelial–immune interactions. 

3. Inflammatory bowel diseases.

4. Colorectal Cancer