Collection of complex networks

Convention used: the files give a list of the edges in the network. The first column is the source of the edge (e.g. regulating gene), the second column is the target of the edge (e.g. regulated gene).

E. coli transcription networks - coli1_1Inter_st.txt , coliNodesDictionary.txt, more info and link to image of network,
links to regulonDB site: Main-Page, and Public Datasets.
[Older version and more data: Version 1.0 (As published Shen-Orr et. al, Nature Gen. 2002), Version 1.1 (As published Mangan et. al. PNAS 2003)]

Yeast transcription network - yeastInter_st.txt , yeastData.mat , yeastReadme.doc (see also: Science 2002, pdf)

Social networks of positive sentiment - social1Inter_st.txt , social3Inter_st.txt (see also: Science 2004, pdf)

Electronic circuits - s208_st.txt , s420_st.txt , s838_st.txt
(more electronic circuits can be found at: ISCAS 89, see also: Science 2004, pdf)

Languages: word adjacency networks - English , French , Spanish , Japanese (see also: Science 2004, pdf)

Protein Structure - protein-structure-1 , protein-structure-2 , protein-structure-3 (see also: Science 2004, pdf)

B. subtilis transcription network - based on

C. elegans - neuronal synaptic circuitry network see:

WWW - available at

Internet - at the level of autonomous systems available at