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Collection of complex networks:


Network motifs detection tool


  • Manual
  • Software
  • Source code for Windows
  • Source code for Linux mfinder1.21_unix.tar
    Linux version: run 'tar -xvf mfinder1.21_unix.tar', 'cd mfinder1.21', and then 'make'
  • Motif dictionary
  • Supplementary materials - Milo et al. Science 2002
  • Acknowledgments: We thank Jacobien Carstens for bringing to our attention the bug in the switching method of undirected networks and for suggesting a fix. This fix is now implemented in mfinder1.21 (May 2015). We thank Paul Brodersen for spotting and fixing a bug in the unix makefile that prevented mfinder to compile in some cases.

We also recommend other excellent tools:
(also support analysis of networks with multiple-color nodes and edges)

  • FANMOD - a tool for fast network motifs detection (by S. Wernicke and F. Rasche)
  • MAVisto - motif analysis and visualisation tool
    (by F. Schreiber and H. Schwobbermeyer)
  • Wong E., Baur B., Quader S. and Huang C.
    Biological network motif detection: principles and practice
    Briefings in Bioinformatics (2011) PDF


Network visualization tool

(mfinder and network motifs visualization tool)

network layouts gallery and application screenshoots