• Prof. Eldad Tzahor

    Cardiomyocyte cell-cycle control and dedifferentiation

    The Tzahor lab focuses on regenerative medicine, with particular relevance to adult heart diseases. Heart disease is the number one cause of death, surpassing the number of deaths from all cancers combined. Its burden on society and healthcare systems is immense. Our lab's inspiring insights into mechanisms of cardiac regeneration have led to fundamental shifts in biomedical knowledge and have positioned us among the top labs in the field of cardiac regeneration. We revealed that, contrary to common belief, latent regeneration machinery can be awakened even in the adult heart (Tzahor 2017, Science).

    Current projects demonstrating this notion are briefly summarized below:

    • ErbB2-Yap crosstalk in heart regeneration
    • Agrin therapy for heart disease
    • Regenerative senescence in the heart
    • Copaxone as a novel drug for heart disease
    • Fibroblasts-Immune cells crosstalk
    • Ion channels and mechano-sensory regulation of cardiomyocytes
    • Cardio-Oncology
    • Myoblast fusion
    website of Prof. Eldad Tzahor eldad.tzahor@weizmann.ac.il