Definitions of the different localization categories:


Localization information was extracted by manual inspection. We have categorized each protein into one or more of 13 sub-cellular localizations that can be distinguished without the need for co-localization markers: Endoplasmic reticulum (ER), Ambiguous, Bud, Bud-neck, Cell periphery, Cytosol, Mitochondria, Nuclear periphery, Nucleolus, Nucleus, Punctate*, Vacuole** and vacuole membrane.

*Punctate represents various localizations such as Golgi, Peroxisomes, P-bodies etc. Since they all appear as concentrated focus/foci and further validation is needed with canonical markers to discriminate between the optional organelles/structures.
**Vacuoles can be distinguished from the nucleus by alignment with bright field image. Press “Show in Bright-field”.