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    Here we develop a set of soma-targeted chloride-conducting channelrhodopsins that allow highly-efficient silencing of somatic action potentials in vitro and in vivo. Constructs available on Addgene.

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    Our latest preprint, in which we characterize the responses of neurons in the mouse prefrontal cortex to socially-relevant odors. We also compare the prefrontal representation of social and non-social odors in wild-type mice and in Cntnap2 knockout mice, a genetic model of autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders.

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    Here we show that  blue-absorbing channelrhodopsins can be combined with red-shifted calcium indicators for simultaneous two-photon holographic stimulation/silencing of single neurons in vivo.

    [All authors]


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    Previewed by Stujenske and Likhtik on Nature Neuroscience

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