The Ombudsman is authorized to deal with complaints received from anyone allegedly offended by an act or omission relating to the functioning of the Weizmann Institute of Science, its employees, or anyone on its behalf within the framework of their duties and responsibilities at the Institute – to respond to the complainant and, as necessary, to recommend systemic improvement.

The Ombudsman will only handle applications submitted with the applicants exhausting the usual options available to clarify the issue.

The Ombudsman is not authorized to provide any information or details concerning:

  • Scientists, employees, or students.
  • Scientific research projects.
  • Scheduled activities or events on Campus.
  • Sites, operating hours, etc.

The Ombudsman will not handle complaints concerning matters:

  • Pending in court.
  • Under consideration or already ruled upon by another authorized body.
  • Under investigation by the police or another investigating authority.
  • Relating sexual harassment (the complaint will be forwarded to the Ombudsperson for sexual harassment).
  • Relating to the core of academic freedom or academic issues raised by students and postdoctoral fellows at the Feinberg Graduate School in its educational function.

A complaint alleging a violation of moral purity and integrity, libel, or an alleged criminal act will be dealt with by the Ombudsman until the allegations are examined. Should the Ombudsman's inquiry give rise to reasonable suspicion in any of the situations mentioned above, the Ombudsman will transfer the inquiry findings to the Vice President relevant to the subject of the complaint and the Legal Office, and further proceedings will be coordinated with them.

The Office of the Ombudsman is organizationally subordinate to the Chairman of the Weizmann Institute of Science Executive Board. The Ombudsman submits, at the end of each academic year, a concise report about the appeals and complaints received and handled during the year to the following officials at the institute:

  • Chair of the Executive Board
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Vice President for Administration and Finance

Complaints should be communicated directly to the Ombudsman. This may be done via email, phone, or in person (preferably in writing). A complaint should include all relevant information: The appellant’s name and contact details, a summary of the complaint, references, and evidence, as well as any other information that may assist the inquiry.

Complainants may appeal anonymously or request the secrecy/confidentiality of their appeal, but the response to such a request will depend on the nature of the required inquiry and the discretion of the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman will give the appellant feedback, including confirmation of the receipt of the request and a decision regarding its continued handling. Upon completing the Ombudsman’s query, its outcome will be sent to the appellant.

  • Dr. Ami Shalit

    Dr. Ami Shalit


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