The Security & Emergency Branch is responsible for the safety of people and property on the Institute’s campus. The Branch provides security 24 hours a day, on a routine and emergency basis, utilizing advanced technological means, combined with a specially trained security force. The Branch operates in accordance with the Regulation of Safety in Public Entities Act.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Campus security
  • Providing first aid during medical incidents
  • Campus access and entry, including security cameras
  • IDs and badges
  • Campus signage
  • Traffic and parking supervision




To manage parking availability, we enforce all campus parking rules and handle violations.
Designated parking lots for employees are at these locations only: The de-Picciotto Building, the Railway Station, Avner, Belfer, Lopatie, and Stone. Entry is permitted upon presentation of staff ID.


Note: policies are available only on the Institute network or by VPN

Entering the Institute Campus