How to Join

At the moment, new council members are chosen (by both the FGS and the current council members) for either a two year period or until the end of the students’ studies. When a vacancy arises, a call is sent to all students by institute mail asking for applications and a new member is selected. The current council members were selected in June 2021, August and September 2022, and July 2023. The next vacancies are expected to arise in August 2024.

How does the selection process work?

Once you submit your application via the sent-out form, we initially screen the applicants based on previous experience, motivation, and faculty/degree representation considerations. We then invite everyone who passed the screening for an interview. Candidates who we feel are appropriate for the student council then undergo another interview with the manager of the Feinberg Graduate School, after which we jointly decide to accept them to the council.

Why isn't it democratic? There should be a vote!

We feel the same way. However, due to practical reasons we work under the Feinberg Graduate School, and so far their position has been that they want to interview the candidates to make sure that they are comfortable working with them also. Having an election and then potentially disqualifying the winner doesn't feel right to us.

Can I attend the meetings/volunteer for the council even if I'm not a member?

Yes! We welcome everyone to come join our meetings anyway and give us their ideas. Please email us so we can let you know when and where we are meeting next. In addition, we regularly look for volunteers for our events by including a "Would you like to volunteer?" question on the sign-up sheets.