About Us

Dear new (and old…) Weizmann students,

We welcome you to the Weizmann Institute and wish you successful and productive studies. The Student and Postdoctoral Fellows Council is a body that was renewed by the Feinberg Graduate School in 2020, and since then has been involved in a wide variety of activities for the benefit of the Weizmann students.

What we do

The activities of the council are supported by an annual allocation of funds received from WIS. The Student Council organizes and funds academic and social activities throughout the year. Its main activities are:

  • Representing the students by meeting with institute management and participating in their committees (e.g. Scientific Committee, restaurants, etc.). It is our goal to push forward student priorities and to be involved in important decisions on campus. 
  • Social activities - sport events, movie screenings, parties, food festivals, etc.
  • Extracurriculars on campus  - the council also assists extra-curricular activities such as surfing, salsa, and other classes and courses. Please contact us if you would like funding or publicity for your club!
  • Lectures - we organize lectures and workshops about important topics for students to know, e.g. pensions and savings, sustainability, and scientific soft skills.
  • The student day - this traditional event takes place at the end of the summer in the Wisgal Recreation Center, and includes awesome and diverse activities for children and adults.

What we don’t do (directly)

Weizmann is a complex bureaucracy consisting of many different offices, each of which has its own assigned roles and responsibilities. While we can and do bring issues raised by students to their attention, it is sometimes better to contact the offices directly. Here are some of them:

  • The International Office deals with any issues pertaining to international students here, including visas, housing, and health insurance. Please reach them at io@weizmann.ac.il.
  • The Feinberg Graduate School is responsible for fellowships (including vacation days), degrees and courses. Please look for the appropriate contact here depending on your issue. To report serious issues such as harassment or misconduct, please see this page. However, you may also email us if you wish to make an anonymous report.
  • The Auditoriums, Guesthouses and Restaurants Branch manages all three, and deals directly with the vendors that provide on-campus dining. Please reach them at ravit.sagi@weizmann.ac.il.
  • To specifically address Karnaf (the owner of Pi Squared), Adon Shoko (the owner of Charlie's and Stone), or San Martin, please see their contact information on this page.
  • The Campus Service Center (Moked) works 24/7 to address any issues that happen on-campus, including injured animals, door malfunctions, and emergencies. Please call them at +972-8-934-9106 for non-emergencies and +972-8-934-2999 for emergencies (save as an emergency contact!).
  • The Student Social Counseling Services provide free consulting for personal or professional matters, and can refer students to private therapists in the community. Please see the mental health section in this website for more information.
  • The Diversity and Inclusion Office advocates for and educates about diversity and inclusion-related issues, including gender equality, LGBTQ, and underrepresentation in science. Please contact meytal.jona@weizmann.ac.il.
  • The Sustainability Office is responsible for reducing use of resources and protecting the natural environment on campus. Please contact adriana.reuveny@weizmann.ac.il.