Mental Health

Mental Health is an aspect we really care about.
We are constantly working together with WIS Work Counselors to improve students' well-being and make sure that all resources are reacheable for anyone in need.

Student Council organizes an informal WIS students' care group that meets up once a week, where every student is welcome to share his/her own difficulties. In this group we learn from sharing experiences and we learn that we are not alone with our problems. 

WIS offers free qualified Psychological Assistance - Therapy.
For this please contact Nirit Cohen-Kraus and/or visit this page.
mobile: 054-3067600

Outline for Psychological Assistance -Therapy
The FGS will subsidize up to 15 sessions, with the possibility to add extra 10 sessions in specific cases and upon Nirit's approval.

Cost of Therapy:

You will be required to pay the full amount of all the sessions. Reimbursement will be made at the END of the supported therapeutic process and it will cover up to NIS 400 per session (after deducting NIS 80 per session, which is the effective amount you will pay).
It is possible to ask WIS for a money loan to pay the therapy sessions and give the money back after reimbursement. 

If you quit therapy before the end of the 15 sessions, you will still get reimbursement for the sessions you attended!
Contact Nirit for more information!


Anonymous forum
Send your mental health related questions here ANONYMOUSLY and a WIS Social Worker will answer them. Read FAQs.